Friday, June 17, 2011

Wax Warmers

Alright here it is my latest obsession! I have been using this cute little wax warmer for about 3 weeks now and I'm officially obsessed with it! I got my wax warmer from one of my lovely clients as a gift. I have heard a lot about Scentsy and these wax warmers for a long time but never wanted to make the investment. Since most of their warmers are between $25 and $40.

My warmer is from Scentsy and retails for $30 and the wax cubes range $5-$8. After doing a lot of research on these great little things I realized those little wax cubes are pretty darn expensive! Especially because I like to keep my warmer on a lot!

Then I discovered Better Homes & Garden has made their own brand of these wax warmers. They are sold at Wal-Mart. Here is the best part the warmers are $15 and the cubes are $2!!!! I have read a lot of blogs about Scentsy's vs. BHG's wax cubes. A lot of people say that BHG cubes smell "waxy" and the scents don't smell "real" they smell some what fakes.

Here's my thoughts! Scentsy or BHG I love them all. I have not found one scent in the "off" brand that smells fake at all. I stocked up because I like to change them frequently since I love them so much! My cubes usually last about 4-5 days I like to put two in at a time. I also keep mine on a lot more then off. So that is probably why my cubes don't last that long. I just like the fragrant aroma all the time in my household. Here are some of the yummy wax cubes I enjoy in my home:

French Lilac Flowers
Shimmering Cherry Blossom 
Fresh Ocean Flowers
Country Sunflower
Vanilla Carmel Spice
Soft Cashmere Amber

Vanilla Walnut
Sticky Cinnamon Bun

Here's another pretty awesome thing! You can make your house smell like an apple pie or blueberry muffin and not lift a finger! :)

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  1. I love my scentsy! I got mine last year and yes you're right you go through the cubes fast!
    My favorite is the Vanilla Walnut,Sugarcookie, and my mostest favorite is another fall scent that I cant remember...

  2. I have 4 scentsy warmers in my house haha. I agree 100% that the bars form Scenysy are way way to expesive, and mine run out of smell fast! I'll have to try the BHG ones!

  3. I tried the BH&G spicy pumpkin pie and it is wonderful. Will never invest in pricey ones again.

  4. Would like to see better homes n garden make jasmine favorite

  5. Using a off brand wax on a Scentsy warmer VOIDS the warranty on it, if anyone is interested.

  6. a little water and your favorite essential oil will do the same thing for alot cheaper. and no patrolium product.

  7. Pink zebra lasts longer...but love jet, set, go! In Scentsy.


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