Monday, July 25, 2011

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Now I have this cute little Italian lady that comes to see me every few weeks and she loves to talk food! Turns out so do I :D That's a big smile! We constantly talk Italian dishes and everything in between. She has a fabulous eggplant recipe that I cannot wait to try once my eggplants in my garden are ripe. She is very inspiring to me and has been cooking up a storm in her kitchen longer than I've been alive. Every other week I look forward to seeing sweet Rose and soaking up the cooking wisdom.

Now let me tell you about her favorite vegetable. BRUSSELS SPROUTS! At first I replied, "WHAT!" I think the only people I know that like those stinky things are my grandma and well Josh of course because he'll eat anything. She said don't put it down till you try them my way. So........that is precisely what I did. So this one is to you Rose thanks for showing me that there is hope for me and Brussels Sprouts. 

{Roasted Brussels Sprouts}

First off your going to need some BS I had about 18 or so...

Rinse them off and pull off any yucky leaves. I chopped mine in half and the bottoms off. 
Place them in a baking dish.

Pour enough water into the bottom of the dish to cover it.

Next drizzle with EVOO and sprinkle lemon pepper over the top.
I love Spicely's they are so delicious!

Bake on 350° till desired tenderness. I like mine a little crunchy so I just keep them in for 8-10 Min's.

Here's the finished product! They are to die for!

Stella decided that she likes Brussels Sprouts now too! 

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