Monday, October 17, 2011

Kona, Hawaii - Part One

First I want to say thanks to Heather, Angie, Samantha, Sarah and Nikki for all their amazing guest posts while I was away. 

Well the honeymoon is over and we are back to real life! We had such a fabulous time in Kona it was just enough time. Not too long not too short! We were so excited to get home to our puppies we really, really missed them! This past weekend we took it easy, relaxed, caught a little boat ride and I cooked(more on this later in the week)

I made Josh his first meal as his wife. I will share that later this week. But for now I'm sure you want to see what we were up to in Kona! We had a ton of fun I wish I could share every photo but there's about 500 of them. Oops! Its easy to get carried away when your having fun!

 Almost there!

 View from our condo
 We visited Bay View Coffee Farm. These little coffee farms are literally all over the road you can stop into most of them for free coffee samples. Trust me you'll want to buy. We all had about four sample size cups and it kept us going all day! The Kona coffee is so delicious you don't even need cream and sugar. I picked up 3 bags :)
 Papaya tree. How great would it be to have all these fresh papaya's right outside your door?

 Looking out to the coffee fields!
Banana Tree's are literally everywhere! 
These little guys roam the island. They are not huge fans of being handled tho. 
 After the coffee farm we walked through a fruit farm.
We drove down Queen K highway for a few hours and stopped here and there. Kealakekua Bay State Park was one of our beautiful stops.
 Brother and I
This was an old post office turned into an art gallery. On this street in Captain Cook, Hawaii there were tons and tons of art galleries. Most I walked in and walked right out. I couldn't afford anything in them :)  
Next stop LUNCH! We worked up a big appetite, Holuakoa Gardens was the perfect place.  
I was craving some beef so I went with the local grass fed hamburger with brie cheese. Ohh boy this burger was sinfully delicious! It paired perfectly with their red potato salad.

 My father being silly.

 This is the small beach outside our condo all the boys really grasped boogie boarding. Me not so much this first time I lost my swimsuit I was done. 

 On a short pit stop we were welcomed to a locals home where we got a tour of their property. They have tons of these wild boar's which they call pets. They loved to be rubbed but do not like you to rub their babies!

 They also kept a few buffalo and this horse/buffalo things. I cannot remember what they are called. But they had 4 foot horns on each side. 

 They were a little bossy when you wouldn't share your alfalfa.
They also had a donkey and a zebra! Random!!  

Finally we made it to the volcano. I wish we had more time here their was just so much to see! 

 We opted for a short hike to the lava tubes. They are breath taking!

 Kona sunset's are amazing they are over in about 2 Min's so you have to really pay attention.

 Also while on a short snorkeling trip I kicked a sea urchin or what the locals call "wanna". Let me tell you its been a week and my toe still hurts. I highly recommend not doing this.

Stay tuned more pictures tomorrow! I told you I had a lot!

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  1. Congrats on your wedding! And isn't Hawaii wonderful?!!!
    xo Cathy

  2. Congrats to you both! Enjoyed all the photos - looking forward to the next entry! xoxox


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