Friday, December 16, 2011

Weekend Inspiration

Only 9 days till Christmas!! Have you got all your shopping and gift wrapping done yet? I'm almost done with all of my holiday gifts. I took a big leap and decided to make them all. You can read about that here. I'm sooooooo close to being done I hope to have everything done by Sunday. Cross your fingers! I plan on logging in some hours on the couch with me and my knitting needles. Today is dedicated to wrapping those Christmas gifts in some creative ways. You don't even have to have wrapping paper and all those fancy bows to make your gifts look amazing!

A few years ago I inherited a huge supply of bows and paper from my grandparents. They give money these days so they didn't have any use for it anymore. I will have enough supplies for a few more years. :)

Sheet Music Paper
Fabric Wrapping
News Paper Wrapping

Yarn Bows
Maps instead of paper
Brown Paper Bag
Calender Paper

Hopefully this will help anyone with a tight budget like us! They are all super easy and most likely you will have all the items in your home. Happy Gift Wrapping!

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  1. Those are great ideas! I saw an idea once that I need to use sometime... Have the kids draw and decorate a large piece of paper and use it to wrap with.

  2. Such cute ideas- I love the fabric wrapping!


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